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DOT Physical Exams near Huntersville, NC

Welch Care Clinic provides DOT Physicals near Huntersville, NC!

Your DOT Physical examination certificate confirms that you are healthy enough to perform the important job requirements of a CMV driver safely.

The goal of the DOT exam is to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of others on the road. The FMCSA sets forth the guidelines.

Welch Care provides convenient DOT Physical exams near Huntersville, NC. Experience concierge service!

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DOT Compliance – Huntersville, NC DOT Physicals

A DOT physical follows guidelines as mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for safety on the roadway.  The exam needs to be completed by a licensed certified medical examiner.

Who needs a DOT Physical?

Drivers have been required to a CDL in order to drive certain commercial motor vehicles. This has been a requirement since 1992. Those required are listed by the FMCSA here: Drivers | FMCSA (dot.gov)

What to Expect During Your DOT Physical

You will enter the office and be immediately greeted by the medical examiner. The forms will be given to you to fill out in a clean and quiet office.

You will not be exposed to others like at a busy urgent care facility. No long waits. Your identification will be verified. Your medical history and questionnaires will be reviewed with the medical examiner to ensure a complete history and intake.

You will then proceed immediately to the physical component of the exam which will include:

1. Vision Testing 

2. Hearing Testing

3. Blood Pressure/ Heart rate

4. Urinalysis

5. A complete Physical Exam

Immediately After your exam, your medical card status will be discussed and reviewed. Medical cards can be valid for up to 24 months.

Some health conditions require more frequent monitoring. Some of these include Sleep apnea, Hypertension, and Diabetes among others.

Preparing for your DOT Physical

Here’s a list of things to bring and to consider prior to arriving for your DOT physical:


  • Driver’s License/ ID
  • Hearing aids 
  • Glasses 
  • Full bladder
  • Complete Medication List 
  • Compliance record if you have OSA and require CPAP
  • Additional medical forms if history is required. 
  • Recent A1C results if a diabetic 

About Your Examiner | Huntersville, NC DOT Physical

Stephanie Welch is a Certified Medical Examiner listed in the FMCSA National Registry.

She has an extensive background in Occupational Medicine. Stephanie has been doing DOT exams for many years and enjoys working with drivers and motor carriers. DOT Physicals are by appointment only to ensure there is no waiting.

We know your time is valuable. You will not be exposed to sick people like in a busy urgent care waiting room. The setting is a calm and clean environment. Exams are usually completed within 30 minutes with our streamlined process. The staff is friendly and welcoming!

Stephanie is listed as a compliant and registered medical examiner on the FMCSA national registry.

Booking Your Appointment

Booking your DOT exam is simple. You may book an appointment online at www.welchcare.com.

You may also contact the office directly by calling 704-741-1911. Office hours are Monday- Friday 9-5 by appointment only.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  • Driver’s License/ ID
  • Hearing aids 
  • Glasses 
  • Full bladder
  • Complete Medication List 
  • Compliance record if you have OSA and require CPAP
  • Additional medical forms if history requires. 
  • Recent A1C results if a diabetic 

After Your Examination: What Next?

If a medical status is deemed satisfactory based off of FMCSA requirements, copies of the medical card will be made for the driver. The medical card will be entered into the national registry by the office immediately.

The driver is responsible to either submit their information in one of three ways:

1. Submit it to the local DMV in person

2. Mail: NCDMV Data Capture Imaging Unit 3126 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-3126

3. E-mail: CDLmedical@ncdot.gov

If a medical issue is identified that needs to be addressed, follow-up instructions will be given immediately after the exam.

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