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Physical Exams in Cornelius, NC

Welch Care Clinic offers a convenient place for your annual physicals and routine exams.

Local families also choose Welch Care for their sports physicals so they can avoid the lines and possible contagious bugs at their primary care provider’s office.

Located in Cornelius, NC, right off of I-77 at Exit 28, Welch Care is just minutes from Huntersville, Davidson, and Mooresville.

Health Screens at Welch Care Clinic

Types of Physical Exams We Offer

  • DOT exams
  • Sports physical
  • School physicals
  • College Physicals
  • Pre-employment physicals

Looking for a DOT physical exam? Click Here

Other Common Reasons for a Physical Exam

  • Routine Health Check-ups: Regular examinations to monitor and maintain general health.
  • Preventive Screenings: Early detection and prevention of potential health issues.

Why Choose Welch Care for Physical Exams?

  1. Convenience: Enjoy the ease of scheduling flexible appointments and minimal wait times for your physical exams.

2. Quality Care: Receive thorough and personalized physical exams from an expert healthcare provider, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail.

3. Privacy: Experience a private and confidential environment, prioritizing your comfort and peace of mind during examinations.

4. Individualized Approach: Benefit from tailored physical exams designed to address your specific health concerns and goals.

Why Welch Care is More Convenient

  1. Flexible Appointments: Easily schedule physical exams at your convenience
  2. Comprehensive Care: Receive unhurried, detailed examinations from our dedicated healthcare professionals
  3. Privacy Assurance: Experience a confidential and comfortable setting for your physical exams
  4. Personalized Experiences: Enjoy an individualized approach catering to your specific health needs
  5. Accessible Follow-up: Ensure continuity of care with convenient follow-ups and ongoing support.

Experience the Welch Care difference!