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Welch Care of Cornelius North Carolina was ecstatic for Santa’s visit to the office. We are so happy he trusts our family medical clinic with his care prior to his journey. He was so happy to meet all of you! We are so pleased to see some of the changes Santa Implemented over the past year. Because of these changes, Santa has been medically optimized for flight! Afterall, the best gift of all is good health.

At his visit he had a very thorough Annual Physical Exam

Santa has a history of Metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a term used to describe high blood pressure, insulin resistance, elevated cholesterol, and obesity with excess body fat around the waist. I am happy to announce that with his regular walking with Mrs. Claus, limiting his sugar, strength training, and increasing his fruits and veggies, Santa has improved. He states that eating red and green apples (his favorite colors) instead of his daily cookies has really helped. He has even moved his black belt button down a notch.

Skin check

Santa works outside a lot and will have lots of exposure to wind and sun. We spoke about the importance of using SPF and skin checks. He states he’s been using the SPF that I recommended from last year. Especially when he flies over the equator. We don’t want his skin to turn as red as Rudolph’s nose!

Viral Illness

Because Santa has been known to be found kissing mommies… I really have advised him this is not a good Idea. This puts him at risk for Mono, strep, covid, flu, RSV. and lots of other trouble. Although he denies it, I did some swabs to make sure. I encouraged him to always use his santa-tizer in between homes as well. He reassures me he has been doing this, getting good sleep, and eating nutritious food to optimize his immune system.

Mental health/ stress

Santa has such a big responsibility delivering toys to all the children of the word. I checked in with him and his mental health. We discussed healthy ways to deal with the stress over the year. They do seem to escalate over the holidays, so we discussed ways to help manage during those times.


One of the biggest occupational concerns of Santa is preventing Lower Back pain. On his big day he will big lifting and moving lots of large cumbersome gifts. We spoke of proper body mechanics and ergonomics of his workstation.

Pulmonary Assessment

Santa is always going “ HO HO HO” I checked his pulse ox and listened to his lungs to make sure they were clear. Santa is in tight chimney spaces and exposed to smoke chronically. Spirometry was also obtained. He has great lung capacity, which allow him to sing jingle bells all throughout the night

We were sad to see Santa go, but excited for Christmas day. Looking forward to seeing him next year for his annual physical! He knows that his friends at Welch Care are only a phone, text or quick visit away. We are always there for him if he has any urgent care, family wellness, or occupational medicine needs.