704-741-1911 info@welchcare.com

Booking an appointment with Welch Care is super simple. In my own life I have had frustrations calling medical offices to find out there is no availability for same day sick visits, or the next appointment for a physical is weeks away.

When you Call Welch Care at 704-741-1911, you directly reach me,the provider. If I am with someone and unable to answer at that time, simple leave me a message, and I am able to get back to you usually within the hour. Another way to book is simple online at www.welchcare.com and select your appointment slot. However, I do recommend that if you do not see an availability that works, to call, because I can usually make the schedule to accommodate. There is after hour availability as well as weekend availability for Welch Care Patients.

When you book, I simply send consent forms, intake and HIPAA forms to your email or patient portal. They are easily clickable and do not take much time. Your information securely gets back to me, and you are now ready for your appointment.

For in person visits, I personally greet you at the door. There are no other patients waiting in the waiting room. You are not placed in a room waiting on the provider. Once you are there our time starts. I know your time is valuable. No one wants to be waiting when they don’t feel well. Together we review your history and concerns. There are no limitations on the number of items you can discuss at your visit. For new patients I schedule 60-minute appointments. You will not feel rushed. I aim to answer all questions and concerns. If a prescription is needed, I electronically send out a prescription to your pharmacy so you soon can pick it up.

For Telehealth visits, I can treat any patient in North Carolina. Booking is done the same way as in person. This is great for patients that live a bit further, don’t have the time to come in for an appointment or those traveling. If you are at the beach, mountains or away at college, this could be a great option. Telehealth is great for minor ailments and conditions such as pink eye, rash, sinus infection, UTI. It is also perfect for monitoring chronic issues such as diabetes, weight loss/ nutrition counseling, tobacco cessation ect. You have access to my HIPAA protected telehealth system and perform a virtual health exam.

After a sick visit or a change in medications, I always follow up personally with you within 48-72 hours to see how you are feeling. We are easily in contact with my HIPAA protected texting system as well. You will not feel on your own on your health care journey. I am looking forward to serving you, your family, your employees in the future.